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Glas voor de Moto X2 Wit. 

  • HIGH QUALITY REPLACEMENT SCREEN (GLASS ONLY - DOES NOT INCLUDE LCD) The replacement screen included in this kit is made from very high quality glass that, if installed correctly, will have exactly the same functionality as a much more expensive authentic OEM Front glass replacement.
  • INCLUDED TOOLS CAN BE USED FOR MULTIPLE REPLACEMENTS and DEVICES: Including tools, double sided adhesive tape, Suction Cup, Tweezer and Screwdrivers.
  • PRO METALLIC WIRE The Metallic Wire will allow you to gently and safely remove the glass from your LCD without picking and prying. This removal method is favored by professional technicians.
  • THIS IS AN EXTREMELY TECHNICAL PROCEDURE - PLEASE FAMILARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE PROCESS BEFORE ATTEMPTING IT YOURSELF: We cannot take any responsibility for damage incurred during the replacement process.
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